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UE-CS Series
UE-CS Series
UE-CS Series
Cartridge Mechanical Seals :
These Seals are Pre-assembled and ready to install on any type of liquids. Such Seals do not require adjustment in fitting due to pre-assembly hence avoid installation problem.

Cartridge Mechanical Seals are balanced and designed in such a way to avoid liquid contact with spring therefore find usage in almost all type of media. Such Seals can be designed with Multi Spring, Single Spring, Wave Spring or Metal Bellow hence offered in great variety.

Cartridge can be designed with Single or Double Seal configuration as per application. It is having Pre-assembled Mechanical Seal with integral Sleeve and Gland Plate, hence easy in installation and maintenance. Cartridge Mechanical Seals are universal in nature and available in lot of shapes & designs to suit all type of housings and media.

Application :
Viscous, Abrasive, Crystallizing, Solidifying & Slurries.

Operating Limits:
Pressure : 25 bar
Temperature : -50°C to 350°C
Speed : 20 m/s
Sizes : 20 mm to 150 mm

Materials :
Faces : Carbon, Silicon Carbide, Tungsten Carbide, Ceramic, Cr. Steel.
Elastomers : Viton, Aflas, FEP, Perflouro,
Hardware : SS-316, Hastelloy-C, Alloy-20, Titanium.