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Multi Spring Mechanical Seal
These are very commonly used Mechanical Seals for clear liquids in most of equipments. Multi-Spring design has many springs put uniform force over the faces hence increase its life. Multi-Spring Seals are unitised, compact, simple & easy to install.

These are Bi-directional Pusher type Mechanical Seals suitable to all type of elastomers. Such Mechanical Seals are available in Un-balance design for low pressure and Balance design for high pressure applications.

These Seals can be designed in Double configuration for toxic, hazardous, costly & volatile liquids. We can offer Double Seals in Back to Back as well as Tandem arrange-ment as per application. Most of components are interchangeable, hence it proves economical and easy to maintain.

We have variety of shapes & designs in this category.

Application :
Clear, Lubricating & Non Corrosive Liquids.

Operating Limits :
Pressure : 7 bar for Un-balance & 40 bar for Balance Seals
Temperature : -30°C to 250°C
Speed : 20 m/s
Sizes : 12 mm to 200 mm

Materials :
Faces : Carbon, Silicon Carbide, Tungsten Carbide, Ceramic, Cr. Steel.
Elastomers : PTFE, Perflouro, Viton, Aflas, EPDM, Nitrile, Silicon, Neoprene
Hardware : SS-316, Hastelloy-C, Alloy-20, Titanium