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These are Pusher Type Mechanical Seals having special Wave or Disc Spring which works well on contaminated liquids, hence preferred on Multi spring design . Such Seals are compact, robust & bi-directional to Use in clear as well as contaminated liquids. The Wave Spring Mechanical Seals can be offered in several designs in single or double & Un-balanced or Balance Confugiration. Most Common are.

UE-M Series Mechanical Seals : it is having loosely fitted face with 'O' Ring, hence easy to assemble . it find great use and very popular in industry.

UE-H Series mechanical Seals : it is balanced Seal with lug drive. Wave Spring avoid liquid contact, hence it is very useful in viscous, contaminated liquids on High pressure.

Application :
Clear, Viscous, contaminated Liquids.

Operating Limits :
Pressure : 10 bar for Un-balance & 30 bar for Balance Seals
Temperature : -20°C to 250°C
Speed : 20 m/s
Sizes : 12 mm to 150 mm

Materials :
Faces : Carbon, Silicon Carbide, Tungsten Carbide, Cr. Steel.
Elastomers : Viton, Aflas, Nitrile, Silicon, FEP, Perflouro
Hardware : SS-316