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Bearing Bushes Bearing Bushes :
Bearing Bush and Sleeve are used to guide and protect the rotating shaft. These are used in Magnetic Pump, Reactor, Turbine etc. Carbon and Silicon Carbide are used as common materials for making it. We fabricate various type of Bearing Bushes as per requirement.

Graphite PackingsGraphite Packings :
These are made from moulding of flexible graphite. These packing are extremely useful in liquids at elevated temperatures up to 800°C. Graphite can be moulded in form of Ring, Packing, Gasket very easily. We provide Graphite packing to reduced leakage of Hot liquids in Pump, Valves,Cylinder Head etc. Graphite Packing works successfully as elastomers in case of metal Bellow Seals , which are used for extreme services.

Rotary Union Parts Rotary Union Parts :
We make internal parts of Rotary Union, working in Water, Steam, Hot oil . In Rotary Union usually face, bush ,O Ring and springs are worn out with the time. We have made spare kits equivalent to reputed brands like Deublin, Maier, Duff-Norton, Johnson etc. for our clients.

Segmented Seals Segmented Seals :
These are made in segments and held together with the help of spring. Segmented Seals are fabricated from Carbon in different shapes and sizes. These are used on rotating shaft in Turbines.